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Alfa Romeo Manual Listings

The Alfa Romeo Owners Club-USA maintains an extensive collection of manuals for use by Alfa owners around the world. Alfa Romeo Manual Listings. For the Capital Chapter Library Holdings: Please contact Jack Rugh at

May 2021 – Alfa Romeo CEO Keen On Bringing Back GTV And Duetto Sports Cars (

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  1. Hi, was looking to see who you all use for repairs. I used to go to Milano to Julio Matos, but his shop seems closed (though a couple of alfas are outside. I also use Doug Mitchell at Crown, but I heard he may have retired. My 86 spider won’t get gas to the engine in spite of new fuel pumps (tank and under car). Wanted to talk to someone, and if needed, have it towed to their facility. Thanks in advance… Say Hi to anyone there who remembers me.


  2. Questions regarding an 85 GTV6
    – What are the recommended lifting and jack stand points for the rear? I need to access the fuel filter / pump.
    – I have found that the molded fuel line exiting the filter is no longer available. Is the best solution for replacement to utilize standard hose and apply an arcing bend into the filter?
    – Is the fuel level sending unit accessible without having to pull the tank? I have not attempted to remove any interior pieces to determine access.



    1. Hi, I would recommend contacting one of our Capital Alfa Club mechanics for their advice.

      Board Member


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