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May 2021 – Alfa Romeo CEO Keen On Bringing Back GTV And Duetto Sports Cars (

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Are you in the market for a previously owned Alfa Romeo and want to learn more about the vehicle’s history before buying? If so, the NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) offers consumers important vehicle history information. Simply search and select from a list of Approved NMVTIS Data Providers and request a NMVTIS vehicle history report. Information in the report includes:

  • Current and previous state/jurisdiction of title data
  • Title issue date
  • Latest odometer data
  • Theft history data (if any)
  • Any brand assigned to a vehicle and date applied
  • Salvage history, including designations as a “total loss” (if any)

Please note, these vendors are businesses. The longest-established and best-known one is CarFax, (which Bring a Trailer uses). Also, the majority of these service providers are focused on cars made in the past decade; and most do not go back further than 1981, when 17-digit VINs were first mandated. Therefore this is of interest to people with newer cars, but not deep vintage ones.

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  1. Hi, was looking to see who you all use for repairs. I used to go to Milano to Julio Matos, but his shop seems closed (though a couple of alfas are outside. I also use Doug Mitchell at Crown, but I heard he may have retired. My 86 spider won’t get gas to the engine in spite of new fuel pumps (tank and under car). Wanted to talk to someone, and if needed, have it towed to their facility. Thanks in advance… Say Hi to anyone there who remembers me.


  2. Questions regarding an 85 GTV6
    – What are the recommended lifting and jack stand points for the rear? I need to access the fuel filter / pump.
    – I have found that the molded fuel line exiting the filter is no longer available. Is the best solution for replacement to utilize standard hose and apply an arcing bend into the filter?
    – Is the fuel level sending unit accessible without having to pull the tank? I have not attempted to remove any interior pieces to determine access.



    1. Hi, I would recommend contacting one of our Capital Alfa Club mechanics for their advice.

      Board Member


      1. Annabel, I have contacted a couple of the mechanics in the list, and they were most helpful with my questions. Thank you so much for your help, and to the club. Have a wonderful holiday. Robert Curiale


  3. Hey, I’m a former member from the ’70s and thought some of your current members may have an interest in an item I have for sale. It’s a Pocher 1/8th scale model of a 1931 Alfa 8C 2300 that was built as “Mulato” version. It is currently listed on Washington and Baltimore’s Craigs List with pictures. It’s listed under collectables. Thanks, Dave Collins


    1. Hi Dave,

      Thank you for your note. Sounds like it’s been a while! Can you please forward the Craig’s link to this address and I may be able to include it in the next member newsletter, (if we get one sent out in a timely manner)!

      Chapter Board Director, Secretary.


  4. Hey Annabel, Thanks so much – I did sell the Pocher model today, however I have another I will be putting up at a later date. I’ll let you know at that time. Thanks again, Dave


  5. Hello all. Several things on my mind…

    1. Milano Motors may have been closed for a bit; Julio had hip surgery last summer. He has been open most of this year; I just had stock springs and shocks installed in my 93 Spider.
    2. Dave Collins – I’m also a member form the mid-70s. Would love to get in touch with others from that era.
    3. Back in the 70s, I had a ’69 GTV. This was sold to Julio in 1977 or so, who refurbished it a bit and resold it to a Mr. Solomon. I understand Mr. Solomon sold it a few years later. I would love to purchase it if it happens to still be in the area.
    4. For that matter, I would be interested in purchasing anything 69 – Spider, GTV or Berlina. Also interested in any Guilia spiders.

    Paul Levin (former chapter treasurer and president circa ’74-’75.


  6. I FINALLY routed new fuel hoses under my ’85 GTV6. I found that the larger line coming down from the fuel tank had begun to seep, and I decided that I needed to replace a section of that as well as the line coming out of the filter. It took four purchases, but I eventually found a hose with the correct ID to allow me to splice into the hose from the tank. From what I can determine, I was successful in routing the hoses so that they don’t kink.
    Now, my dilemma. The engine is very reluctant to start, taking lots of cranking to eventually fire. Once it does, the revving is nothing like it used to be, shudders a lot, and eventually stalls. It does not like to ‘take’ gas when trying to increase rpms.
    Since the fuel line had been completely purged, is there some sort of required procedure to fully charge the line again? Might the fuel pump have been damaged when it ran out of gas and no longer has sufficient pressure? I realize it could be any number of things, but since the car ran like the proverbial Swiss watch beforehand, I am thinking something simple. Maybe even the line out of the filter is a little constrictive.

    Any thoughts are much appreciated.


  7. I have a 1988 Spider Veloce. I want to replace the existing receiver/tape deck with a Sony MEX N5300BT. I’ve been in contact with Crutchfield and also a local car stereo installer, who told me they don’t have wiring diagrams for the audio in my car, which would be needed for the install. Do you know if audio wiring diagrams are available from Alfa, that would guide me in splicing the Sony wiring to the existing Alfa audio wiring?
    Thanks, Dave Metzger


      1. Thanks. I had the radio installed by Eddy Lamour at DSP in Wheaton. He’s responsive, experienced, and knows what he’s doing. I recommend him.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Re-joining AROC. 1991 Alfa Spider; desperate for a particular part; on top of the gas tank there is a hose which I believe is the fuel feed line. Mine split and the car is dripping gas. Does anyone have a fuel feed line or know of someone who might be willing to part with one? I can send a pic of the part if needed. Thanks.


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