Capital Chapter Members – Driving Fun

Thank you to the following Alfisti for celebrating 20 to 55+ years of Capital Chapter AROC driving.

Since 1966 Ann Carmody

1970 to 1980 Roger Phillips, Frank Salemi, L. D. Smith, James Hemsley, Stephen Moore, Eugene and Frederick Kessler, Sylvia Wright, Frank Smith, Kenneth Manning, Roberto Lopez-Aparicio, A.C. Scurlock, and John Brodman.

1983 to 1990 James Cromwell, Glen Drew, John Zuccaro, Jon Bernheimer, Ronald and Judy Eichelberger, Roger Mc Clung, Thomas and Robin Gonnella, Richard Rehling, William Seabrook, David Rowe, Charles and Victoria Fortuna, Joseph  Gibson, Dave Metzger, Mark Bender, Michael Testa, Bernard Robier, Carl Albrecht, Richard and Patricia Garre, Brad Mellor.

1991 to 2000 John Willock, Kerry Meyer, Frederick Holdaway, Martin and Susan Dapot, Russell  Jones, C. Randall Grant, Alan Yankolonis, Jack Rugh, Travers and Collen Daniel, William Sonntag, Sam Packer, Allan Butler, Milano  Motors, Kate & Brewster Thackeray, John Rogers, David and Betsy Holland, Tim Mohr, Ed Melotti, Bret Empie, Michael and Christy Craig, Alex and Diane Csank, Jur Strobos, Robert Kleinfeld, James Giokas, Robert Lubran, John De Trana and Emilio Sacerdoti.

Brad Mellor at the wheel
Aptly named “Fortuna” Spider.

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