2021 Chapter Photo Contest

Thank you to those who submitted your Alfa car snaps for the first annual 2021 Chapter Photo Contest Beat the Winter Doldrums with our Capital Chapter ALFA & YOU Photo Contest!  The board members have selected the first, second and third place winners for the first annual chapter photo contest!

1st Prize Winner: Alfa Romeo Formula 1 Racing Duffle Bag | Brett Rogers and his Giulia
2nd Place Winner: Italian Leather Alfa Romeo Portfolio | James Lawson and his 2005 147 GTA
3rd Place Winners: (Tie) Black Onyx Alfa Romeo Keychains | James Giokas (and Penelope) Giulia and Glen Drew and his 750D Giuletta.

Picture 1 – Brett Rogers | My Giulia and me after putting Q4 to the test out on the snowy, icy, twisty roads of Blue Mount, about 30 miles north of Baltimore in the Gunpowder River valley.
Picture 3- Dale Buckner | Owner’s Spider (Series 4) totally refurbished Spider purchased in 2007.

Pictures 6 & 7 – Glen Drew | Photos taken January 13, 2021 at St. John’s Church in Olney, MD.

The Alfa is my 750D Guilietta spider manufactured May 20, 1959, which was my first car in 1965. It had about 25,000 miles when I received it from the original owner, and about 76,000 miles when I parked it in 1970. Over 16,000 miles have been added since restoration was completed in 2012. Driven to conventions in Toronto, Nashville, Warwick, Montreal, and Pittsburgh.

Picture 4 – Bob Lubran | Owner’s GTV-6 in front of the Capitol during CapitalAlfa’s 2010 national convention.

Glen Drew | As can be seen in the cornerstone, the church dates from 1842, and the 1910 date is from the relocation west from in the cemetery behind the church.

Picture 7 & 8 – James Giokas and Penelope, Baby Driver | My 1st grandchild Penelope is getting ready to drive my Giulia (she is a little young to drive being only 9 months old in this photo). I used to drive her mother, my daughter, in this car when she was just a baby.  It’s so wonderful to be able to drive her daughter and my granddaughter in the same car.  So now my daughter Julia (Giulia) who always said that she gets Alfa next now has competition for the Alfa with her own daughter Penelope. Photo was taken last October in my driveway.

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