Alfa Romeo Around the World – Selected Club Sites

Many sites are in English. Most have photo galleries that are well worth a look. Some feature photos of Alfas posed in various landscape settings of the host country as well as photos of rarely seen models and extraordinary scenery. Some have unique informational pages and more links. Take an armchair tour and see the passion shown by Alfisti around the world. For foreign language sites that are not available in English, a website translator such as can generally provide the gist of the text, not a colloquial translation. To use Worldlingo simply open the site in your browser, click on “Website Translation” and in the URL field, paste or type the web address of the site to be translated. Finally indicate the “from” and “to” (English) languages and the translator shows the webpage in English. Note; some sites will not work with a Mozilla browser, use MS Internet Explorer instead.

Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Australia (Includes links to 5 regional divisions) One of the largest Alfa clubs in the world with over 4,000 members:

Alfa ROMEO Owners Club of Canada

Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Finland (English)

Alfa Romeo Club Czech Republic

Alfa Romeo Club Luxembourg (English)
An interesting page is the Dealers & Prices listing virtually all models and the market prices they command in Europe.

Alfa Romeo Club of Canada

Alfa Romeo Club of South Africa

Alfa Romeo Club Belgium

Alfa Romeo Owners Club Malta (English)

Alfa Romeo Owners Club Norway

Alfa Romeo Owners Club Netherlands (English)
Over 4,000 members in a country of only 16.5 million inhabitants!

Alfa Romeo Club of Spain
An excellent photo gallery under “Archivo”

Alfa Romeo Club Switzerland:

Alfa Romeo Owners Club of New Zealand

Alfa Romeo Owners Club UK

Dating from the 1930s, Alfista is the name given to Alfa Romeo fanatics, much as the word Tifosi (meaning ‘fanatics’ in Italian) is applied to Ferrari fans. The plural form of the word is Alfisti.

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