Navigating Summit Point Raceway

For those Alfas lacking a GPS

Summit Point track has been in existence since the late 60’s and the complex has grown to four tracks. Since 9/11 the main emphasis has been on security training for the US military and other government agencies. We will be using the original track, which is more forgiving with three gravel traps and generous run off areas. Your safety trumps the fun factor at these time trials.

This track information is slanted toward the novice and intermediate drivers, again for safety concerns. Advanced drivers already know where to make modifications within the limits of their skill level.

There are two web sites by Summit Point that will be helpful. Go to and click on the 3 Tracks at the top of the screen. Then click on S/P circuit and you will be able to highlight various sections of the track and click to get line info. Also available is which is the recreational training site. Click on “Videos” and you can see a narrated video of a school car going thru all ten turns.

Now to give a little more info, we will start going down the main straight.

Approaching turn 1.

The line is on the outside [left] of the track and approaching turn 1 you will find five white painted markers at 100 ft intervals to judge your braking. Turn in is about at the centerline of the access road to the skid pad with the apex at the center of the curbing. Track out slowly as this includes turn 2, which is a long sweeper following the sharp turn 1.

Exiting turn 2

You should follow the outside of the track until the far edge of the exit road from the skid pad. Unwind the steering until you reach the inside of the track and then head in a straight line to turn 3 turn in which is about 5ft before the second access road on the right.

Approaching turn 3.

Moderate braking is needed prior to turn in.

Exiting turn 3.

Apex at mid curb and track out about 20ft before the end of the curb. You will find yourself heading toward the outside of the track and you will stay there as you start down the hill in the “Chute”.

Approaching Turn 4 towards Turn 5.

The object from this point to the entry to turn 5 is to make that line as straight as possible. Apex turn 4 at the center of the curb and enter 5 at the far outside of the track.

Approaching turn 5.

You want to have positive throttle from the turn 4 turn in until you have your wheel absolutely straight and brake hard for 5. If you feel you are carrying too much speed going down the chute, brake before turn in for 4 as any lifting or braking in turn 4 may cause you to lose the rear end.

Going through turn 5.

Turn 5 is a sharp left and you will track out to mid track and continue to the outside to turn in for 6.

Exiting Turn 5 towards Turn 6.

You will note a spot at the edge of the track where the asphalt gets 12” wider.

Approaching turn 6.

This is the turn in point for 6 and a slight tap on the brake will help the car turn in. Turn 6 has a very late apex and an exit at mid curb and turn in to a very late turn 7 apex coming about 3ft from the end of the curb.

Turn 7 towards Turn 8

Done correctly, you will take one wheel position into 6 and hold it steady to the exit of 7. At this point, settle the suspension and turn into 8 with another very late apex about 3ft from the end of the curbing.

Exiting turn 8 towards Turn 9.

Again settle the suspension and turn into 9 with an apex at mid curb. Track out around 20ft from the end of the curb.

Exiting Turn 9 towards bridge.

From the exit to 6 to the apex of 9, throttle should gradually increase with no braking. Nail the throttle coming out of 9 as you will be going up hill. Now head for a mid track position going under the bridge. This will take you to the outside of the track for turn 10 turn in.

Approaching Turn 10 and pit.

Turn 10 apex is at mid curb and track out is at the far end of the curbing.

Coming through turn 10.

Now you can check your guages as you have a half mile till you reach turn 1. One note on shifting—do as little as possible. As a starting point, I have found 5 shifts works fine for a relatively stock 105 car. Go to 3rd into 1, up to 4th before 3 and back down to 3rd before entering 5. Shift up to 4th when settling the suspension after 8 and hit 5th around the start/finish line.

Also, do all braking in a straight line. Be quick, but safe and have fun!!!!

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