2019 National Convention — Cortile della Corsa in Pittsburgh

In July 2019, Alfistis from around North America and beyond gathered to celebrate our beloved marque in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Three Rivers Chapter of AROC hosted a memorable Cortile della Corsa Convention in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.

Brad Mellor.jpgCongratulations to Brad Mellor, who got the trophy for second in class — but was in fact FIRST in Class B with his 4C in the Time Trials.

Mike Miller.jpgMike Miller took third in the Autocross competition. Pictured with him is his proud wife Redina.

Brian CoxBrian Cox’s car was awarded Best in Class at the show among the gathered 4Cs! He thinks the fact he’s put 25,000 miles on it already impressed the judges.

Bert's Trophy (3)

Bert Straus took third in the Guilietta category — he says he did not even know his car was being judged!

Steve Cortese

Steve Cortese took first in class for his 1991 Spider.

a SprintThere are always a wide variety of Alfas at any National Convention, representing the owners in their region andĀ  beyond. The trend the past few years has been to see an increasing percentage of 21st century cars — Giulias, Stelvios, and 4Cs — mixed in with vintage vehicles like this lovely blue Sprint. The hotel parking lot becomes a favorite gathering spot.

a ParadeBright and early on Wednesday morning, we Alfisti lined up our mounts for a special police-escorted parade through downtown Pittsburgh. They got us through red lights at rush hour and all!

a Jon and RedinaJon Bernheimer and Rodina Miller modeled their twin shirts from the 2015 AROC Convention in Providence, RI — perhaps trying to channel in some cool New England weather, since it was really hot in Pittsburgh that week.

a Alfas in park

It was a kick to park our multigenerational Italian beauties in a scenic downtown park. We tried to ignore the threatening clouds; it drizzled and then by the time we headed home, it poured!


Heavy rain on Wednesday was rewarded with a double rainbow.

a Capital ChapterA truly impressive turnout from our Capital Chapter on Thursday night! Left to right, a local friend, Brad Mellor, Steve Cortese, Bob Lubran, Brian Cox, a couple TBD, Bob Kleinfeld, Frank Smith, Giovanni DiFatta, Joanne Hagadorn, Gary Hertels, Mike Miller, Rodina Miller, Brewster Thackeray.

TrackIt was a hot and exciting day on the track on Thursday. A number of folks from our Chapter took part.

FrankLong-time track instructor Frank Smith of Baltimore took his shiny new Giulia out for some very hot laps. He was first place in Class C at the Time Trials.

BrewYour chapter president Brewster Thackeray introduced his Giulia to the track as well. Held his own and came in second in Class C, but since Frank was faster, Brewster focused on being color coordinated.

Mike and JoeRoving reporter and long-timeĀ  Chapter affiliate Mike Hemsley was joined by AROC Board Member Joe Faherty in documenting the fun at the track.

Double Wide GrillThursday evening we enjoyed tunes and food at the transportation-themed Double Wide Grill.

NS 8Stunning vintage art on display at the concorso.

NS 6A sweet Sprint Speciale.

NS 2Former AROC President and convention advisor Dave Hammond, in white shirt, really knows his Duettos. Here he judges one in the heat.

NS 1You want this one? Hey, me too!

Old Alfas, new Alfas — they’re all good! A 1970s Giulia police car, some 4Cs, classic Spiders, and Nancy Slattery’s Giulia.

Thanks to Bert Straus for the following bunch of great photos:

Bert’s own road warrior below:

Bert 8

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